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  1. Love your paintings,you do great work.I am just getting started but learning fast .I love the one you did with the horse and the fence and the girl.was wondering where I could fine that stencil.I would love to make it as nice as you did for my sister,she loves horses…thank you again and keep up the beautiful work……

    • Hello. Thank you for the nice comment. I will try to find you a stensil you can use. But I need your email-adress.

      At the time, i dont have my login name for this side.

      – Johannes (Starmine79)

    • I mostly use cardboard. To paint with I use hobbyspray. Sorry i answer you late. But I have paint very little the last year.
      Thanks for messaging me. ;D

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    • Hey Angelo!
      I dont know so much about earning money from this stuff yet. I think I should set me in how I can do that. But for me to learn this, I think I must get help from other people I know here in Norway. I tryed before to read about it in english, but it is to diffcult to understand for me. But thank you for good tips. I will ask help from people I know, when I am ready.

      Thansk again – Johannes M

  3. We have a show on November in Dubai Trade center . we require your spray paint art live demo on our stand . we are a Manufacture of Spray-paints In UAE . our show from 17thNovember -20th November total 4 days . are you in dubai ? can you please give your contact number.

    My no :00971508296321

    • Hello Anees!
      Thank you for your trust in me. But it is diffucult for me to be in Dubai in november. I am living in Norway, and it is expensive to travel so long. I was in your city for 3-4 years ago, but I dont have any money to travel this year. But good luck with your show. I will love to watch video from it. (Youtube videos for example :D)

      From Johannes M

  4. Hi! I just found your website and I love all of you art! I especially love the horse one! I was wondering where I could get the stencil for it? It’s amazing and I’d love to try and replicate it. You’re extremely talented!


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